How many photos you can save on one card depends on its capacity. EXILIM digital cameras use* popular memory media:
SD, SDHC, MMC or MMCplus-cards - depending on the model. All card types come in postal-stamp format and weigh only a few grams.

SD cards
SD stands for Secure Digital - and promises safe digital storage. The current storage capacity ranges from 8 MB to max. 2 GB. The SD and SDHC cards also offer a write-protection function, which can be activated and deactivated as desired using a slide control.
SDHC cards
SDHC is the name of the new generation. HC stands for "High Capacity", i.e. high storage capacity which currently lies at 4 GB and will shortly be increased to 8 GB. The different speed classes (2, 4 or 6 MB per second) guarantee sufficient speed - even for video recordings.

MMC memory cards
The Multimedia Card, or MMC card for short, has almost the same form as an SD card, although it is slightly thinner and has no write protection lock. The max. storage capacity is 2 GB. Many digital cameras which accept SD-cards, also support the use of MMC-cards. But the same does not apply in the opposite direction.

MMCplus card
The MMCplus card has a larger number of contacts on the rear side than a normal MMC card. This means that the MMCplus card is particularly forward looking with regard to transmission speed and compatibility. It currently has a maximum storage capacity of 4 GB.

Choosing the right card
The best card for you depends on the type and amount of your photos. Example: a 5 megapixel camera saves about 400 photos in the highest resolution on one 1 gigabyte SD card. So if you take a lot of photos or make movies, you should use a high capacity card.
*The standard equipment of all EXILIM models includes an internal memory.
SD, SDHC, MMC or MMCplus cards are available optionally from specialist dealers.
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