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EXILIM Engine 4.0Improved Dynamic Photo function
BEST SHOT Interval recordingBEST SHOT Underwater Mode
BEST SHOT Snow ModeBEST SHOT Beach mode
3x internal optical zoomBEST SHOT motif programmes
Landscape ModeMake-up Mode
Face detection functionAuto Shutter function
Anti Blur Auto ShutterPan Auto Shutter
Smile Detection Auto ShutterAdvanced Auto Tracking AF Function
Multi-motion function

Photo Functions

EXILIM Engine 4.0

EXtreme Power

Backlight, portrait photos, night-time photos and poor lighting conditions - the new EXILIM Engine 4.0 image processor enables you to overcome all these challenges. The EXILIM Engine 4.0 processes complex images very quickly and ensures excellent image quality with moiré and noise suppression, making it a pleasure to take and view excellent photos. And the best is yet to come: even with the wide range of new functions and the complex data processing, the energy consumption has been reduced by almost 30%, increasing the battery life significantly.

Improved Dynamic Photo function

Your ideas. Your photos.

Thanks to the new Dynamic Photo function, you can not only cut out subjects from an image series and insert them into other pictures, but you can also combine your photos with funny animations. You can adapt the size of the subject to best fit the background and the Dynamic Photo subjects can then be transformed into a video using the EXILIM camera itself. Let's go: Surprise your friends with a personal and funny "Dynamic Photo" greeting!

BEST SHOT Interval recording

Time travel with the EX-G1

When you see a snail crawling in turbo mode or a crocus breaking through a layer of snow, then you know a digital trickster has been hard at work. You can create time-lapse shots like this — which normally take minutes or hours — using the BEST SHOT "Interval recording" motif program. This function takes photos at intervals of 10 seconds to 3 minutes; the recording time is from 3 to 30 minutes — however long you need.

BEST SHOT Underwater Mode

Dive in and relax

With the BEST SHOT "Underwater" motif program you'll always be able to take colourful pictures of the fascinating deep. To enhance the colours of the natural world, automatic colour correction and contrast enhancement reduces any bluish cast on the photos. In addition, the ISO sensitivity and exposure time are set to optimum values to keep the risk of blurred photos to a minimum.


Stay cool

Blue skies and white, snowy landscapes: Winter is a particularly exciting time of year when it comes to photography, but it also presents significant challenges. Subjects often appear too dark in the foreground because the environment is extremely bright. Using the BEST SHOT "Snow" motif program, the exposure and white balance are adjusted such that the colours are rendered with a natural appearance, and incorrect exposures due to highly reflective snow are avoided.

BEST SHOT Beach mode

Carefree fun

Holiday photos of your loved ones at the beach or pool are often not that easy. The outcome is over-exposed shots and strong shadows — particularly with photos of faces. Ideal for great photos at the sea: The BEST SHOT "Beach" motif program. Switch to Beach mode when you're taking pictures in strong sunlight on the beach. This prevents the picture from being too dark; instead you'll get clear photos with the correct exposure.

3x internal optical zoom

Up close in every situation

The EX-G1 is exceptionally slim and compact and yet boasts a 3x optical zoom. The secret: the lens does not zoom outside the camera, but is completely integrated inside the case. As a result, the robust camera can take a lot of punishment and yet still zoom in close on every single detail.

BEST SHOT motif programmes

You don't need to be an expert to create great photos

From "Landscape" and "Portrait" right through to "Night scenes" – your EXILIM G EX-G1 adapts flexibly to a whole host of requirements. To ensure that all your photos and movies are a success from the start, the flat digital camera comes with 25 presettings for a wide variety of situations. With BEST SHOT, you can also create and save your own settings, which can be selected at any time.

Overview of all BEST SHOT motif programmes

Landscape Mode

I like the sound of that!

The EX-G1 is equipped with a landscape mode for outstanding landscape photos. The "Vivid Landscape" feature analyses the images and intensifies the key colours. In addition, the "Mist Removal" option automatically reduces clouding, haziness or mist. The outcome is a clearer landscape or skyline with sharp contours and a bright sky.

Make-up Mode

Feel like a model

The EXILIM G EX-G1 also features a Make-up Mode Function for especially appealing portrait photographs. The outstanding image processing makes the skin on faces appear smoother and softens facial shadows caused by strong sunlight or illumination. You can select from twelve levels as desired – from minimum to maximum – and observe the effect on the TFT colour display while taking the photo.

Find out more about the Make-up Mode Function

Face detection function

The simple touch

Whether you're on holiday, at a party or spending time with your family - people are particularly popular subjects for a photo. It's always a pity when faces turn out blurred on a picture. The Face Detection function now offers the perfect solution, recognizing the individual faces or even entire groups, and automatically applying the best possible setting.

Auto Shutter function

Enjoy the moment

Blurred images are usually the result of an unsteady camera action or subjects that move while the release button is being pressed. EXILIM offers a simple solution to the problem of blurred or shaky photos: The new Auto Shutter function can automatically determine the perfect moment to take a photo.

Working in conjunction with the Anti Blur Auto Shutter, Pan Auto Shutter, Smile Detection Auto Shutter and Self Portrait Auto Shutter functions, the new technology ensures rapid focus and takes the photo automatically when the image is steady, so the result is not impaired.

Anti Blur Auto Shutter

Hold it there!

The practical Anti Blur Auto Shutter function helps prevent shaking and blurring caused by movement; it does this by taking the photograph at the precise moment when your hand or the moving subject becomes still.

Pan Auto Shutter

Always on the move

Fast-moving subjects are hard to capture on camera. When you activate the Pan Auto Shutter function, the photo is automatically triggered as soon as the moving subject becomes still in the frame, e.g. when you follow it with the camera.

Smile Detection Auto Shutter

No smile, no photo!

Smile and the world smiles with you! The innovative Smile Detection Auto Shutter function ensures that you will never again miss that smile when taking photos. Press the release button as soon as you have the faces in the frame. The photo will then be taken, fully automatically, once the subjects are smiling.

Advanced Auto Tracking AF Function

Everything in view

Dogs running, kids jumping around, moving cars - there are countless examples of moving subjects, which can try the patience of even professional photographers. Thanks to the Auto Tracking AF function with motion analysis, you can relax and concentrate on the overall subject. Press the release button half way down, to fix the focus for saving – as soon as you see the picture you want, simply press release!

Multi-motion function

Always on the move

The BEST SHOT function Multi-Motion-Image enables you to capture a movement sequence in just one single photo. Take a photo of the moving motif in front of a still background. This motif is photographed in a series of images which are compiled to one single picture by the new EXILIM Engine 4.0. This enables you to capture movements such as a snowboarding jump from the launch to the landing on one single photo.