High-speed photographyPre Record mode
Slow Motion function12x optical zoom with mechanical image stabilization
6 megapixels (effective)New high-speed CMOS sensor
Manual setting of recording modes A,S,MEasy setting via function wheel
Three Auto-Bracketing-ModesBEST SHOT
Face Detection functionFlash Continuous Shutter
Hot shoe

Photo Functions

High-speed photography

Never miss the perfect moment!

With the high-speed mode you can take up to 60 photos per second. The picture rate can also be set to between 1 and 60 photos per second. Up to 60 photos can be taken at once - 60 photos per second for one second or 5 photos per second for 12 seconds. Now you will always capture precisely the right moment!

Pre Record mode

Take photos even before pressing the release button!

With the EX-F1 you can take photos even before pressing the release button! The camera can take up to 60 photos per second and save a maximum of 60 photos in its buffer memory - even before the release button is pressed. So you can capture the crucial moment, even if you press the release button too late.

Slow Motion function

Follow the subject in slow motion!

Take photos while the action is taking place in slow motion on the display before your very eyes. As though everything is slowed down. While the release button is pressed, you can relax, watch the subject move and ensure that you never miss the crucial moment.

12x optical zoom with mechanical image stabilization

Nothing can shake it!

The CMOS-Shift Anti Shake mechanism reduces the danger of unstable photos, even at 12x optical zoom. This enables you to take photos of far away objects while ensuring that you take a steady image.

6 megapixels (effective)

Outstanding performance!

The new EX-F1 high-speed CMOS sensor with 6 megapixels delivers sharp and detailed photos in outstanding colour. The maximum picture size is 2816 x 2112 pixels and the outstanding quality, high-resolution photos are perfect for printing out in paper format A3 or larger.

New high-speed CMOS sensor

High-speed performance!

The EXILIM EX-F1 is equipped with the new CMOS sensor, which enables ultra-rapid photo series with full resolution and ultra-rapid movies, as well as videos in full HD resolution.

Manual setting of recording modes A,S,M

Be creative!

With the mode wheel, you can select the aperture, shutter or manual settings. The manual mode offers you many possibilities for creative photography.

Easy setting via function wheel

One turn is all it takes

One turn of the lens function wheel is all it takes to set the serial image recording speed, zoom and focus to your exact requirements – the serial image recording speed can even be changed while shooting.

Three Auto-Bracketing-Modes

Want a change?

With the EX-F1, you can take photo series with step-be-step changes in the exposure value (AE Bracketing), white balance (WB Bracketing) or the focus level (AF Bracketing). You can specify the number of photos to be taken and the degree by which the basic setting changes.


You don't have to be an expert to take fantastic pictures

In fact the EX-F1 has 26 flexible pre-settings for all sorts of situations to ensure that all photos and movies turn out well automatically. With BEST SHOT you can create and save your own settings in a flash too and you can retrieve them at any time.
Nearly all EX-F1 BEST SHOT motif settings are suitable both for taking photos and movies.

Face Detection function

The simple touch

Whether you're on holiday, at a party or spending time with your family - people are particularly popular subjects for a photo. It's always a pity when faces turn out blurred on a picture. The Face Detection function now offers the perfect solution, recognizing the individual faces or even entire groups, and automatically applying the best possible setting.

Flash Continuous Shutter

Always in the perfect light!

With the EX-F1 Flash Continuous Shutter you can take up to 20 photos in succession with Xenon flash at a speed of up to 7 photos per second. Guaranteed perfect photos even in weak lighting conditions! And the integrated LED light enables high-speed shots with 10 - 60 photos per second.

Hot shoe

Even more possibilities!

With the EX-F1 hot shoe, you can attach any standard external flash quickly and easily.