High-speed movie recording with up to 1200 fpsFull high-definition video recording
Innovative H.264 moviesYouTube™ Capture Mode
Movie button and movie pre-selection

Movie Functions

High-speed movie recording with up to 1200 fps

High-speed movie recording!

The EX-F1 can record high-speed movies and deliver slow-motion footage of a world that remained invisible for the human eye until now. And you can choose between a recording speed of 300 fps, 600 fps or 1200 fps. The integrated movie button is perfect for starting recording quickly without having to switch from photo mode.

Full high-definition video recording

Videos in full HD quality!

Record your videos in full high-definition quality*! With the EX-F1, you can record outstanding videos with a resolution of up to 1920x1080 pixels and 12x optical zoom including stereo sound. The EX-F1 can also be connected to a HD compatible TV with a HDMI cable available separately, enabling videos to be viewed on the screen in complete comfort at any time.

* Max. recording duration: 29 min. per video.

Innovative H.264 movies

And there you have it!

Anything is possible. You just have to want it. With the EX-F1, you can turn your brilliant ideas into digital reality – and in extremely high quality too, as the movies are recorded in innovative H.264 format. The H.264 enables you to record up to 1.5x longer high resolution movies with sound than in the conventional MPEG-4 format, with the same memory space and in the same picture quality. Extremely practical: movie clips are optimised automatically for YouTube™ with the new YouTube™ Capture Mode.

YouTube™ Capture Mode

Share your videos with your friends!

It has never been easier to upload your own videos to YouTube™: with the EX-F1, you can film your most memorable moments directly in H.264 encoding optimised for YouTube™, in optimal video size and outstanding quality*! And the exclusive software makes uploading your videos to YouTube™ child's play.

* For the upload of your videos you need a internet connection, which may cause additional costs.

Movie button and movie pre-selection

Fun at the touch of a button!

The practical movie button means you can always film the best scenes wherever you are. When the camera is switched on, a touch of the button is all it takes to start recording high-speed movies or videos in high resolution (Full HD). To select the mode, simply turn the movie pre-selection to the desired recording setting and press the Movie button to begin recording.