EXILIM EX-FH100 | Because every moment counts




24 mm wide-angle lens10x optical zoom with mechanical image stabiliser
High-speed Burst Shooting recordingHigh-sensitivity CMOS sensor
Manual settingsPre-record mode
BEST SHOT motif programmesDifferent BEST SHOT High-speed Burst Shooting recording programs
BEST SHOT High-speed LightingHigh-speed Anti Shake
High-speed night-time photosHigh-Speed Best Selection
BEST SHOT lag correction featureFace detection function
Multi-motion functionMove-in series shot
Move out series shot

Photo Functions

24 mm wide-angle lens

So far, so good!

The combination of 24 mm wide-angle lens* and 10x optical zoom makes the EX-FH100 the perfect companion for every occasion, providing great scope to capture your loved ones, the most beautiful sights or a romantic sunset. With the 24-mm focal length, you can capture a larger area and, for example, include more friends in a group photo at a shorter distance, or photograph a complete landscape or skyline.

*equivalent to 35 mm film

10x optical zoom with mechanical image stabiliser

Powerful zoom function

It's easy to zoom in on those special moments: the 10x optical zoom can bring even the most distant subjects right up close, while the mechanical image stabiliser automatically reduces blurring. The EX-FH100 has everything you need in any situation and guarantees outstanding photos.

High-speed Burst Shooting recording

Never miss that important moment!

With the ability to take up to 30 photos per second, the EX-FH100 can take high-resolution shots at up to 9 megapixels — with a recording speed of 40 fps. This way, you will always capture exactly the right moment! The number of photos per second can be varied, so that 10 photos can be stored before and 20 photos after a complete shutter cycle, for example.

High-sensitivity CMOS sensor

Excellent photos — even in poor lighting conditions

Dark rooms, twilight or poor lighting conditions? You can still take outstanding photos! The EXILIM High Speed EX-FH100 is equipped with a new High-sensitivity CMOS sensor for extraordinarily detailed shots, even in poor lighting conditions. It also processes the photos much faster. A new technology allows the sensor to capture more light and increases sensitivity while simultaneously reducing image noise considerably. The outcome is outstanding — detailed photos with excellent contrasts and rich colours.

Manual settings

Do it yourself!

Besides high-performance automatic controls, the EX-FH100 also boasts a wide range of manual options for creative shots. Set the aperture and shutter to suit your photographic requirements.

Pre-record mode

Record images before the shutter release button is pressed

With the EX-FH100, it's not only possible to take photos when the shutter release button is pressed — you can also take photos before that!
With continuous recording of up to 30 photos per second, a maximum of 25 photos can be saved in the camera's buffer memory — even before the shutter release button is pressed.

BEST SHOT motif programmes

You don't need to be an expert to create great photos

To ensure that all your photos and movies are a success from the start, the EX-FH100 comes with 18 flexible presettings for a wide range of situations. With BEST SHOT, you can also create and save your own settings, which can be selected at any time.

Almost all BEST SHOT programmes offered by the EX-FH100 are designed for both photo and movie recording.

Overview of all BEST SHOT motif programmes

Different BEST SHOT High-speed Burst Shooting recording programs

Poor photos — no chance!

Whether they're tearing around the playground, doing tricks or taking part in sporting events, children, animals and sportspeople are still ideal subjects for photos. But what is the best setting? Five new BEST SHOT High-speed Burst Shooting recording modes now make photographing that perfect moment child's play. Simply select a BEST SHOT High-speed Burst Shooting recording mode, press the shutter release button and the optimum number of photos, speed and pre-record shots are automatically configured.

BEST SHOT High-speed Lighting

Great shots even in poor lighting conditions

Who hasn't experienced the problem of light and shade in a photo? Shaded subjects are underexposed and unrecognisable, and illuminated subjects are much too bright. The new High-speed Lighting function can help you: It provides a higher contrast range and optimised detail definition for shots with both shade and strong light. To achieve a higher dynamic range, the High-speed Lighting function combines multiple shots with different exposures into one photo with optimal exposure. Multiple shots are also possible for subjects with varying luminance.

High-speed Anti Shake

Automatically keep a steady hand

The BEST SHOT high-speed anti-shake function uses high-speed serial picture recording to the max for clearer images. The positions of consecutive photos are automatically combined to form one optimised photo. This means that even telephoto shots, which tend to be blurred due to hand movement, are clear and sharp.

High-speed night-time photos

Clarity at night-time too

The BEST SHOT high-speed night-time photos function uses high-speed serial picture recording to the max for clearer images at night. The positions of consecutive photos are automatically combined to form one optimised photo. The danger of blurred photos is reduced when taking photos at night, even without using a tripod.

High-Speed Best Selection

Ensuring you always capture the perfect moment

To ensure that you capture the perfect moment, the EX-FH100 can select the best photos from a series of shots automatically – showing a smiling face, open eyes and without blurring. The best images are saved.

More on High-Speed Best Selection in the special

BEST SHOT lag correction feature

Don't miss a second

How many times have you pressed the shutter release button too late and missed the best shot? Annoying, but avoidable. You need never again waste valuable seconds — the natural delay between identifying the subject and pressing the shutter release button is now a thing of the past: with the new lag correction function, the EX-FH100 can capture any moment, anytime. The camera selects the photo that corresponds to the configured lag from the temporary serial picture memory. If this photo is not satisfactory, you can choose the right moment from five other stored images.

More on lag correction in the special

Face detection function

Say cheese!

Whether on holiday, at a party or with the family, people are an especially popular subject for photos. It is a shame then, when their faces are blurred. Practical: The face detection function recognises individual faces or even entire groups and automatically determines the best possible setting.

Multi-motion function

Always on the move

The multi-motion function means that the camera automatically detects moving subjects against a static background and uses the high-speed serial picture recording feature to create an image sequence. The camera also selects up to five of these photos and combines them into one final photo, in which the images are shown in sequence against the static background.

Move-in series shot

Too late?

There are moments which can't be activated at the touch of a button. Nature in particular simply won't be controlled. How can we know when a bee will land on a flower or a stork will return back to its nest? With the BEST SHOT function Move-in series shot you can take photos as soon as a motif moves into an area previously defined by you. Using a tripod, multiple shots with Move-in are also particularly suited for observing animals as the camera activates automatically without you having to do a thing.

Move out series shot

On your marks, get set, go!

One of the most exciting moments in race sport is undoubtedly the start of the race. But pressing the release button at the precise moment the cars leave the starting line is more a matter of luck than anything else. With Move-out series shot, the series shot function is activated as soon as the defined object moves out of the focus area.