EXILIM EX-FH100 | Because every moment counts




High-speed film recordingHD video recording with mini HDMI connection
YouTube™ Capture ModePre-record mode

Movie Functions

High-speed film recording

Films in high speed

The EX-FH100 can shoot high-speed film recordings of movements that are too fast for the naked eye, enabling them to be played back in ultra-slow motion. You can select a recording speed of 120 fps for fascinating slow-motion recordings in VGA resolution, as well as 210 fps, 420 fps or 1000 fps. Simply press the Movie button — and recording begins.

HD video recording with mini HDMI connection

Ready for the movies!

Capture unforgettable experiences in moving images: The HD video recording function of the EXILIM high-speed EX-FH100 allows you to take colourful and detailed videos with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels* and to enjoy these in large format on your TV screen. Simply connect the camera to the TV via the mini HDMI connection.

* Max. recording length 29 minutes/video

YouTube™ Capture Mode

Share your videos with friends

It has never been easier to upload your videos to YouTube.™ With the EX-FH100, you can film your experiences in the video size and quality that is optimum for YouTube™*! Exclusive software makes uploading** your videos to YouTube™ child's play.

* Max. recording length 29 minutes/video
** To upload your videos, you need an Internet connection. This may entail additional costs.

Pre-record mode

Do you want to film the past?

Pre-record can do just that! If you do not press the shutter release on time in important moments, the past 5 seconds will already have been saved!
How does Pre-record work? In this mode, the camera is constantly making recordings - and when you press the shutter release, the last 5 seconds are added to your current recording.