High-Speed Burst ShootingPre-record mode
20x optical zoom with mechanical image stabiliserHigh-speed CMOS sensor
9.1 megapixels (effective)26 mm wide-angle lens
Manual settingsBEST SHOT mode
Multi-motion functionHigh-speed Anti Shake
Face detection functionFlash Continuous Shutter
High-speed night-time photos

Photo Functions

High-Speed Burst Shooting

Never miss those important moments!

Take up to 40 photos per second with the High-Speed Burst Shooting feature. The recording image rate can be varied between 1 and 30 photos per second with up to 8 megapixels or 40 photos with up to 7 megapixels. A maximum of 40 photos can be taken in a second, or in intervals 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 30 photos in next to no time, such as 10 photos in 4 seconds. This way, you will always capture exactly the right moment!

Pre-record mode

Record images before the shutter release button is pressed

With the EX-FH20, it's not only possible to take photos when the shutter release button is pressed — you can also take photos before that!
With continuous recording of up to 40 photos per second, a maximum of 39 photos can be saved in the camera's buffer memory — even before the shutter release button is pressed. The 40th image then corresponds to the photo that was taken when the shutter release button was pressed.

20x optical zoom with mechanical image stabiliser


The CMOS shift technology reduces the risk of blurred photos, even with images taken using 20x optical zoom, making it possible to photograph subjects a long distance away without blurring.

High-speed CMOS sensor

High-speed performance

The EXILIM EX-FH20 is equipped with a high-speed CMOS sensor, which enables you to take ultra-fast photo sequences at a high resolution and ultra-fast movies and videos in HD resolution. In addition, the CMOS sensor offers a higher contrast range, optimised detail definition and outstanding pictures.

9.1 megapixels (effective)

Outstanding top performance

The new high-speed CMOS sensor on the 9.1-megapixel EX-FH20 allows you to create sharp, detailed and brilliantly coloured photos. The maximum image size is 3456 x 2592 pixels, which, because of the excellent quality, enables you to print high-resolution photos on A3 paper or larger.

26 mm wide-angle lens

So far, so good

The combination of 26 mm wide-angle lens* and 20x optical zoom makes the EX-FH20 the perfect companion for every occasion, providing great scope to capture your loved ones, the most beautiful sights or a romantic sunset. With the 26-mm focal length, you can capture a larger area and, for example, include more friends in a group photo at a shorter distance, or photograph a complete landscape or skyline.

*equivalent to 35 mm film

Manual settings

Do it yourself!

Besides high-performance automatic controls, the EX-FH20 also boasts a wide range of manual options for creative shots. Set the aperture and shutter to suit your photographic requirements.


You don't need to be an expert to create great photos

The EX-FH20 comes with over 18 flexible pre-settings for a variety of situations to help ensure that photos automatically turn out well. With BEST SHOT, you can also create and save your own settings, which can be selected at any time.

Multi-motion function

Always on the move

The multi-motion function means that the camera automatically detects moving subjects against a static background and uses the high-speed serial picture recording feature to create an image sequence. The camera also selects up to five of these photos and combines them into one final photo, in which the images are shown in sequence against the static background.

High-speed Anti Shake

Automatically keep a steady hand

The BEST SHOT high-speed anti-shake function uses high-speed serial picture recording to the max for clearer images. The positions of consecutive photos are automatically combined to form one optimised photo. This means that even telephoto shots, which tend to be blurred due to hand movement, are clear and sharp.

Face detection function

Say cheese!

Whether on holiday, at a party or with the family, people are an especially popular subject for photos. It is a shame then, when their faces are blurred. Practical: The face detection function recognises individual faces or even entire groups and automatically determines the best possible setting.

Flash Continuous Shutter

Always illuminated

With the Flash Continuous Shutter on the EX-FH20, it is possible to take up to ten consecutive photos with flash, with a speed of up to five photos per second. So you can guarantee great photos in poor light conditions!

High-speed night-time photos

Clarity at night-time too

The BEST SHOT high-speed night-time photos function uses high-speed serial picture recording to the max for clearer images at night. The positions of consecutive photos are automatically combined to form one optimised photo. The danger of blurred photos is reduced when taking photos at night, even without using a tripod.