High-speed movies with up to 1000 fpsHD video recording
YouTube™ capture modePast Movie

Movie Functions

High-speed movies with up to 1000 fps

Movies in high speed

The EX-FH20 can make high-speed movie recordings of movements that are too fast for the naked eye, enabling them to be played back in ultra-slow motion. To do this, you can choose a recording speed of 210 fps, 420 fps or 1000 fps.

HD video recording

Ready for the movies!

The HD video recording feature of the EXILIM EX-FH20 makes it possible to create colourful and high-detail videos with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels*.

* Max. recording length 10 minutes/video

YouTube™ capture mode

Share your videos with friends

It has never been easier to upload your videos to YouTube.™ With the EX-FH20, you can film your experiences in the video size and quality that is optimum for YouTube™*! Exclusive software makes uploading** your videos to YouTube™ child's play.

* Max. recording length 10 minutes/video
** To upload your videos, you need an Internet connection. This may entail additional costs.

Past Movie

Filming the past?

Past Movie makes it possible. If you press the Movie Button too late to catch those momentous moments, the past 5 seconds are already saved!