EXILIM EX-H15 | Captures photos of 1000 amazing moments



1000 pictures on one battery charge14.1 megapixels
Bright and high-contrast 7.6 cm (3.0 inch) TFT colour display (Super Clear LCD)Design
Various FlashPhoto Formats
TrimmingAV socket
Memory card slot

Simple Handling

1000 pictures on one battery charge

Always ready for action

Have you ever set up the perfect photo only to find that your battery is empty? Moments such as these are so irritating — but they can be avoided. The combination of an energy-saving processor and the high-performance lithium-ion battery ensures that the EXILIM EX-H15 won't run out of power even on long, eventful days — one battery charge allows you to take up to 1000 CIPA standard photos.

14.1 megapixels

Outstanding top performance

Within its compact and elegant housing, the EX-H15 hides 14.1 megapixels, which don't just give you spectacular photos but also ensure outstanding detail. 14.1 megapixels are perfect for editing, enlarging and printing sections of photos without any reduction in picture quality.

Bright and high-contrast 7.6 cm (3.0 inch) TFT colour display (Super Clear LCD)

Total clarity

The EX-H15 is equipped with a large, bright 7.6 cm (3.0 inch) TFT colour display (Super Clear LCD) with an exceptionally high resolution of 460,800 pixels, which ensures especially brilliant photos. In addition to the large viewing angle, the TFT colour display also has extremely high contrast, which ensures a clear, sharp view of your subjects. The display also offers exceptional brightness, making it easier for you to view your pictures – even in bright sunlight. You can select from 6 presets to match the brightness to the ambient lighting conditions: -1/0/+1/+2/Auto1/Auto2


Truly eye-catching

The EX-H15 combine exceptional design, with functional elegance and extensive features: The camera is immediately to the hand, fast operational and yet so compact that it fits comfortably in any pocket or bag. During the production of the digital camera, special attention was paid to the refined design - it is elegant and colourful at the same time and lends to the digital camera thereby a special aura. Besides the colours silver and black, the camera is also available in pink and brown.

Various Flash

The flash for every situation

You can adapt the flash of the EXILIM EX-H15 to different situations. The following presets are available for this:

• Red Eye-Reduction: reduces the "red eye effect"
• Auto: flash is switched on automatically when required
• On: flash always switched on
• Off: flash always switched off

Photo Formats

It's your choice

You're in charge – you can choose between 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 formats. That is particularly practical if you will be showing your pictures on a screen, television or video projector with this format. The 3:2 format is the classic format for photos. With the aid of the 4:3 format you can admire your photos on the TV or on your PC. The 16:9 format is best suited to plasma and LCD-televisions.



With trimming you can define sections of a photo while they are still in the camera and save them as separate shots. And so, for example, you can just cut a person's face and print it out as a photo - even without a computer.

AV socket

TV show instead of slide lecture

Invite your friends and relations to enjoy the best movies and photos in large-scale format. You simply connect your EXILIM Hi-Zoom EX-H15 to a TV using the AV output.

Memory card slot

However you want

The EX-H15 can save your photos and movies on SD/SDHC or Eye-Fi Wireless cards as desired. You can now decide which of these optional cards to use spontaneously and flexibly.