EXILIM EX-Z2 | Simply great pictures



Easy mode6.9-cm (2.7-inch) wide-screen TFT colour display
Various FlashPhoto Formats
AV socketMemory card slot
Ultra-slim design case

Simple Handling

Easy mode

Designed to take outstanding photos

In the EX-Z2 Easy Mode, you can take outstanding photos in any situation – without worrying about presettings or applying the wrong settings by mistake.

6.9-cm (2.7-inch) wide-screen TFT colour display

Great views

The large 6.9-cm (2.7-inch) wide-screen TFT colour display completes the design of the EX-Z2. It takes up the entire rear side of the camera, ensuring an exact view of all subjects, stored photos or films - in sunlight and complete darkness.

Various Flash

The flash for every situation

You can adapt the flash of the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z2 to different situations. The following presets are available for this:

• Red Eye-Reduction: reduces the "red eye effect"
• Auto: flash is switched on automatically when required
• On: flash always switched on
• Off: flash always switched off

Photo Formats

It's your choice

You're in charge – you can choose between 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 formats. That is particularly practical if you will be showing your pictures on a screen, television or video projector with this format. The 3:2 format is the classic format for photos. With the aid of the 4:3 format you can admire your photos on the TV or on your PC. The 16:9 format is best suited to plasma and LCD-televisions.

AV socket

TV show instead of slide lecture

Invite your friends and relations to enjoy the best movies and photos in large-scale format. You simply connect your EXILIM Zoom EX-Z2 to a TV using the AV output.

Memory card slot

However you want

The EX-Z2 can save your photos and movies on SD/SDHC, MMC/MMCplus or Eye-Fi Wireless cards as desired. You can now decide which of these optional cards to use spontaneously and flexibly.

Ultra-slim design case

Shine anytime, anywhere

The EX-Z2 with its small dimensions is very slim and therefore excellent to operate. The elegant design and the interplay between matt and shiny colour elements give the digital camera quite a special appeal.