Whether you're looking for a leather bag, a table stand or an underwater housing, the right accessory will enhance your camera and guarantee you hours of photo fun. Refer to EXILIM Accessory to see what optional accessories are available for your camera.
Table stand
The folding table stand with a swivel head - for wobble-free pictures.
Ancillary lens
Ancillary lenses can see everything - whether it's very close or very far away. And this increases the options for you.
Underwater case
Thanks to the underwater case, your camera can dive into water to capture exciting photo worlds on camera.
Network adapter
The network adapter supplies energy and chargest the battery to ensure an optimal power supply.
Docking station
The full-service centre for your EXILIM - for charging the cameral, sending data or viewing photos.
Depending on the model, the SUPER LIFE-Battery supplies energy for up to 400 photos to Cipa standard.
Mobile charger
Within reach at any time so you can charge the battery when you are out on the road.
Protective bag
The stylish casing for your EXILIM - so you can store and transport it safely.
In fashion: straps in the EXILIM look for cameras - a true piece of jewellery!
Cleaning set
The cleaning set for EXILIM digital cameras - for glowing results.
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