The zoom and display functions and technology in a digital camera consume power. To prevent the camera from simply failing at crucial moments, you should ensure that you have as powerful a battery as possible. Many EXILIM digital cameras come with the Super Life Battery. This battery ensures an extremely long-lasting power supply. This sensor converts the light in your photo into digital information which is then saved. To enable the brightness of displays to be established and compared, experts measure the luminous intensity per square metre. "cd" stands for Candela - the official unit of luminous intensity.
Saving information digitally means converting information into numbers. Which is why a digital camera does not need any film: it uses memory cards, which can be written anew over and over again.
Anyone who uses direct printing saves going the long way round via a computer when printing photos. There is a direct connection between camera and printer – more in Specials.
Share your photos with friends - simply transfer the photos onto a computer and send them by e-mail as and when you wish.

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Cameras which require a film were widespread only a few years ago. But in these few years, digital cameras increased dramatically in popularity due to their power and user-friendliness and are now used by beginner and professional alike. It is very easy to transfer digital photos onto a computer and edit them there. Discover all the options available to you ... This procedure reduces the file size of a digital photo considerably without impairing quality. This means that you can fit more photos onto your memory card.
A pixel is a tiny point in a photo - and it takes many, many such points to make a photo. The "mega" in front of pixel stands for one million, meaning that a camera with 5 megapixels saves the grand total of 5 million pixels for every photo.

How many megapixels do you need? The camera advisor will let you know ...
A memory card is the "film" in your digital camera. Your photos are saved here and you can call them up, view them or delete them at any time. Unlike a photo film, a memory card can be used over and over again.

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Sometimes even the best photo is not enough to grasp unforgettable moments. Exactly why you can also record movies with sound with EXILIM digital cameras – depending on the model, in a quality which you can view on any television.

Have printouts made of your best photos: simply send them to an online photo service and the finished photos will be sent to you by post.
BEST SHOT is the name given to the practical motif programs which guarantee good photos and movies automatically in many situations. EXILIM digital cameras have a broad selection which offer the best possible settings for many occasions from dusk to pets.

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Digital cameras can do a lot more than take photos. Many models can make sound recordings using a built-in microphone.
A connection option offered by many computers, cameras and printers. Using a USB port, you can connect your camera directly to a photo printer for example.
Digital cameras have two types of zoom: digital and optical. Whilst the digital zoom enlarges the centre of the picture mathematically, the optical zoom actually brings you closer to what is happening – without loss of quality.

Closer to the action thanks to zoom - e. g. with the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z500 ...
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