On pressing the button: With the EX-Key you have direct access immediately to many important settings. In this way, you have white balance, illumination measurement, ISO sensitivity and an overview of other Auto Focus Fields as quick as a flash. Especially practical: Your motive is blended in onto the display, you can immediately see the effects of each setting. You set everything in seconds, in order to take the best picture every time.
In view: The Hybrid Auto Focus System automatically selects the matching Auto Focus settings. Depending on the environment, the Phase Difference Sensor AF or the Contrast AF is used. In this way you receive the optimal combination of high speed focus and high precision focus in every situation. You no longer have to make settings manually- and also save time as a result.
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How fast is really fast? After successful focussing the EXILIM Pro EX-P700 has a shutter speed of 0.01 second. Which means there is little that is fast enough to escape you.
Automatic: Changing between the normal focus and the macro range is really fast - with the Auto Macro function. The macro region, i.e. the close-up region of the EX-P700, comprises distances between 10cm and 50cm. Before each photo, the camera measures the distance to the motif and automatically sets the right focal range. Every picture is thus crystal-clear, even close up to important details.
In series: Five pictures in two seconds- with full picture quality. The high speed series image function makes it possible. Count to two and see five extremely sharp, high resolution pictures, to control your golf swing, to photograph a race car passing by or to study sequences of motion.
For a change: Changing settings costs time. And you don't have much time when a motif is transitory or moves. With the Multi- Bracketing function, you automatically take several pictures in succession, each with slightly different settings, which you determine yourself.

There are two bracketing functions: Auto- Bracketing and Multi- Bracketing. With Auto- Bracketing, you automatically vary the exposure, white balance and focus. A series of pictures is taken with different parameters. You can then decide whether to take three or five pictures and which setting to take as the default value. Multi-Bracketing photographs your motif with different settings: colour, portrait, sharpness, saturation and contrast.
Show what you have: Looking for a certain picture or simply "leaf" through all existing photos can take a long time with many cameras. The EXILIM Pro EX-P700 has a High Speed Preview for pictures and videos that can save you a lot of time. With a screen change rate of 0.1 second, you can view all pictures on your memory chip at ultra speed with this preview.
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