That simple: The new EX-Finder blends in important settings in real-time. Because you are still able to see your motives on the display, you have an overview of everything and therefore everything under control. You can simply and easily change the settings via the click of a button.
Support: If you set the exposure time and aperture manually, the Manual-Assist-Function helps you find the right setting. You have an overview of the aperture and exposure ratio and also expose correctly taking shots manually.
Good settings: BEST SHOT functions are practically pre-settings for different motifs and lighting conditions. The EXILIM Pro EX-P700 offers 27 BEST SHOT modes. You can also create, store and call up your own modes with BEST SHOT at any time. New: 2 integrated Business Shot programs for distortion-free reproduction of business cards and projection charts.
Broaden your horizons: Pictures taken edgewise are recognized as such and displayed in landscape format. In this way you don't have to turn the camera nor your head in order to look at the picture. Even after transferring onto the computer, you do not have to turn any of the pictures yourself.
In the center: You can select between three different types of auto focus: "Spot" focuses classically on the center of the picture. If there is a gap exactly at that spot, for example with two people standing next to each other, then "Multi" will help. This focus function searches over a range of seven points for the closest and focuses on it. And with "Free" the focus point can be freely selected on the display.
Questions about operation? The EXILIM Pro EX-P700 practically explains itself. Icon Help generates tiny, helpful inserts in the camera display, which in case of doubt explain the right meaning in the display.
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