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Action shots: Whether it's your kids jumping around, a dog playing or a cool car driving past - there are many situations where it's difficult to achieve a sharp image. With the Auto Tracking AF function, all you have to do is concentrate on the overall subject. Press the release button down halfway and the camera sets the focus. AF will now automatically follow the moving subject, leaving to you to relax and wait for the right moment to simply "click"!


In picture mode, press [MENU].
Select "AF area" in the "Picture" register and then press .
Use and to select the required setting [Track] and then press [SET]. The Auto Tracking AF function is now activated.
Aim the camera at the object you want to photograph and hold the release button down halfway. The auto-focus frame then follows the subject automatically.
When the right moment comes to take your photo, simply press the release button in fully.
To switch off the Auto Tracking AF function, go to the "Picture" register, "Memory", "AF area" and select "Off". You can also choose between classic spot auto focus and multi auto focus from "Picture", "AF area".
•  When the focus is fixed in AF mode, the exposure (AE) is also fixed.
•  When the picture mode is changed, the AF setting is turned off.
•  To activate the Auto Tracking AF function permanently, set your EXILIM as follows:
  • Select [Picture] from the menu.
  • Go to the [Focus] setting and select the [AF] area.
  • Now select [Track] from the [AF area].
  • Finally, go to the [Memory] setting in the [AF area] and select [On].
  • The Auto Tracking AF function is now permanently activated.
  • Some BEST SHOT modes are excluded from this, as they are preset without the Auto Tracking AF function.

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