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Intelligent AF function

Your subjects need never be out of focus again in your photos! In addition to offering the standard face recognition feature, the intelligent AF function can also detect people and other objects automatically and capture them clearly. The technology behind this feature detects the size and shape of subjects when the shutter release button is pressed half way down and then automatically selects the optimum focus and exposure. This will minimise the number of blurry photos produced, e.g. of people, pets or landscapes.

Feature available on the following models: EX-Z450 and EX-Z90


Press [SET] in record mode.
Select the third control panel option from the top using and (AF area).
Select the intelligent AF function using and and then press [SET].
Point the camera at the subject and press the shutter release button half way down. Wait for the camera to automatically adjust the exposure and focus.
Press the shutter release button down fully.

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