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With Auto BEST SHOT, your EXILIM digital camera analyses the scene in your viewfinder and then automatically selects the best picture mode. There are six BEST SHOT modes to choose from: Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Night Scene Portrait, Close-up (Flower) and Moving Subjects (Sport). The Auto BEST SHOT function is available on the new EXILIM EX-Z100 and EX-Z200 models.


Press [BS] and select "Auto BEST SHOT" mode.
Point the camera at your subject.
  • The camera automatically selects the most suitable BEST SHOT mode for the subject and shooting conditions and configures the settings. If the shooting conditions change, the camera will normally automatically switch to a different BEST SHOT mode. The selected mode is shown for a few seconds on the camera display.
Press the shutter release button to take the picture.
  • Once the picture has been taken, Auto BEST SHOT remains activated so that the camera selects the BEST SHOT mode for the next picture.
If you wish to use a BEST SHOT mode other than the one automatically selected by the camera, press [SET], then use and to select the relevant mode and press [SET] again.
•  Some subjects and/or shooting conditions may prevent the camera from selecting a suitable mode.
•  The settings that can be configured by "Auto BEST SHOT" when taking a photo are limited to the following: image size, quality, flash mode and self-timer.
•  When Auto BEST SHOT is activated, "" (Auto BEST SHOT) flashes in the colour display.
•  You can temporarily activate or deactivate the automatic mode selection function by pressing or .

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