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Whether it's at a party, a Christmas celebration or outside in the winter twilight - when it's dark, we discover lots of exciting subjects. Unfortunately, when it's dark, it can often be difficult to judge the perfect moment to take a photo.
The Rapid Flash serial shot function takes three photos with flash in the space of just one second, giving you a better chance of taking successful snapshots - with three shots, a spontaneous dance interlude is as easy to capture as a beaming smile. You don't need to miss another beautiful moment.
The Rapid Flash serial shot function


Press [MENU] in one of the picture modes.
Select "Serial photo" in the "Picture" tab and then press .
Use and to select "Flash Series" mode and press [SET]. The flash serial shot function is now activated and the corresponding icon appears on the colour display.
  • You can take up to three pictures with "Flash Series" mode. The serial shot function stops if you release the shutter release before three pictures have been taken.

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