Extended Possibilities
There are now three different conversion lenses from Canon for use with the EXILIM EX-P600. Macro, wide angle and tele are the keywords that will raise your photographs to a professional level.
Seeing the world from ever new perspectives is the key to better photographs. The conversion lenses for macro, wide angle and tele will extend your abilities to change perspectives. Try them out: just click on a conversion lens and see its effect.
CASIO offers an adapter* that enables you to use your EXILIM Pro not only with Canon conversion lenses but also with filters**. Your camera dealer stocks a wide range of filters. The following examples are just a small selection of filters with which you can turn your shots into professional photographs:
Helps to remove unwanted reflections from surfaces such as glass and water. It also enhances colours.
Magic stars into your photographs. Light sources take on a star shape.
Picturesque twilights and blue skies are no accident if you use graduated filters, which are available in various colours.
* The adapter for Canon conversion lenses and filters is available as a CASIO accessory. Canon conversion lenses are available in camera shops.
** Suitable are all filters with 58mm standard thread, available from various manufacturers in most camera shops.
Tips & Tricks